what is gadgetism?

"gadgetism" is making multi-device and multi-platform music. it is putting the instruments and sound devices into the center of interest instead of their age, product cycles or temporary style fashion.

but it's not only that: gadgetism is also about sustainability in your studio. gear that bends sounds evolves quickly - and it dissappears even quicker. no one would ever call a guitar "outdated" because it was sold a decade ago. it's very common to keep an old car for further use, so do i with old music equipment. if it still creates a sound that i can make use of i will make use of it.

gadgetism is not limited to what your local instruments' or studio equipment seller offers to you - it considering every possible component as an instrument, regardless of the purpose it was originally developed for.

why? because it's not just some devices (not to forget about the software) - it is the untold secret bandmates that make all my creativity possible.

why this website?

2021 was just a few days old when i discovered a facebook group that deals with so called "obsolete music software". members of that group join up by nostalgia but i've seen a few who still are using their old programs and sound devices - "gadgetists" like me.

i decided to stop continuing to only promote my music (mostly free of charge, btw ... please check out the link list below) but to give the process itself a stage. one that rather explains the -sometimes kind of weird- circumstances it evolved - and to do this ... here. a musical tech blog.

who are you?

people call me "mészi" since i was a little kid. my interest for music creation emerged in the teen age but tinkering has been my passion even earlier.

for me computer aided music started with the amiga 600 using the octamed tracker. at switching towards the pc world the famous fasttracker 2 took over and soon there came cubase and more sophisticated studio devices like the samplecell and dsp-based sound cards. much of what i worked with left my studio again but some soft- and hardware is still part of my equipment collecton - you will find them on my blog posts.

my musical home is hiphop and all kinds of related sub-genres. i am mostly doing beats and remixes but i still perform as mcee from time to time.

where can we hear your music?

besides gadgetism.net music of my projects is available on these websites, too :

  • musiqus.net - the core of everything, you can use it as your first point of contact if you want to be up2date about everything
  • freewaremusic.com - most releases are offered on this website
  • musiqus.bandcamp.com - if you want to support my work you can decide to buy one of my releases here
  • meszi.de - my (german) blog, mostly geek stuff and references to music projects i work(ed) with
  • duburban.de - when my music gets electronically experimental then it will be published as this project in most cases
  • fooga.de - i had a rapcore/crossover band somewhen earlier, now it's become a studio project for what i call the "distorted rap" genre
  • groovemonstaz.de - my hiphop fam, that i support mostly technically (web programming, it support)